Greetings and welcome to A Well-Spent Day, a lifestyle blog exploring intentionally living toward well-spent days and happy sleep. 

Have you ever stopped and listened to your life, yourself or your family? I don't mean listen in the literal sense; I mean listen in the words of Anne Sexton, who wrote: Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.

A few years ago, I came across Da Vinci's quote and asked myself if my days were well spent and my sleep happy. 

The answer was...not so much.

I was bored, lonely and hanging by a thread. As a military wife, I was in yet another town in another state trying to create another life. I had few friends. My kids weren't particularly respectful, likely because my parenting wasn't particularly effective. My marriage was coasting, like so many others, on a wave of indifference. I realized, as I stepped back and looked at my life, that I wasn't miserable but I wasn't thriving, either.

I was getting by. 

As I thought about this, I realized that I could change my days. I didn't have to eat packaged junk, watch trash TV, read celebrity gossip or meet friends for coffee who wanted to do little more than gossip or complain.

I could eat better food. 

I could read better books.

I could become healthier, inside and out.

I could have better conversations and offer more of myself than my opinions. 

I could slow down, take a breath and get off the hamster wheel of mindless consumption, emotional reactivity and general apathy. 

A Well-Spent Day isn't about more, nor is it about perfection. It's about asking better questions and getting better answers, which means digging deep, questioning what we 'know' and going against the tide. It's also about having fun, keeping it light and realizing that sometimes digging deep means zodiac signs, a good glass of wine and some dodgy TV.  

For each of us, well-spent will differ slightly, but if you're like me, it's all about being well-read, well-fed and well-loved. To that end, this blog details pursuing that in a culture all-too-often  a flurry of reaction, busyness and barely getting by.

Life is too short to simply get by.

About Amy


I'm a writer, editor and researcher by trade; though most of my days are now spent as a mother of two and wife. Before starting a family, I worked as a researcher and writer on human trafficking and other development issues. In my twenties, I imagined my days as a SAHM filled with baking bread, knitting and meeting other moms for coffee - all of us with well-coiffed hair and neatly trimmed nails. Little did I know the reality would include breast-milk-stained pajamas and babies who awoke at 4:45. Yes, I could meet friends for coffee - until the baby melted down and I hauled myself back home, carrying my under-eye bags with me.  

I have degrees in English, history and Asia Pacific policy studies. I served a two-year stint in China as a Peace Corps volunteer. All of this means I can order you a bowl of noodles in Sichuan province while droning on about the brilliance of Hemingway and questioning who was, in fact, the better general: Lee or Grant? 

I'm not answering that. 

I currently work as a ghostwriter, which really confuses my son's 11-year-old friends. They want to ask more, and then they don't want to ask more. 

I live in North Carolina,  where I wrangle two pre-teens into sometimes having decent dinner conversations, and force my husband to talk about things like the meaning of life and whether or not modern fiction has jumped the shark.

Now that we're settled, no moving in the near-future, I'm thinking about my days, well-spent and otherwise.  I am exploring what well-spent actually means and how to begin creating a life that will lead to happy sleep. Will I begin a new career? Will I travel? Will I write novels or policy briefs or articles of my own?

AWSD explores motherhood, finances, culture and wellness to ask: what does a well-spent day really mean?

Connect with me at amy@awellspentday.com or use the following: 

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