Friday Five


It was a lovely week around here, with heaps of sunshine, low-key days and hanging out with my now 13-year-old sidekick. I spent a few afternoons reading, got loads of laundry done and made a few legitimate dinners. I'm calling it all a success.

In other news, I was over at Wit & Delight, writing on 7 Lessons Learned While Finding Myself. I love the sense of community Wit & Delight cultivates, and the comments have all made me think of the whole concept of who we are in relationships even deeper.  

Here are a few bits from my week: 


I tried this sheet mask as I've heard hyaluronic acid is good for dry hydrating. It was good; though I didn't think it was any better or worse than other masks I've tried. I did like the fact that you just rub the remaining gel into your skin rather than rinse it off; that seems less wasteful. The next morning a good amount of dry skin peeled off my face. I know....just the image you want to have on a Friday morning. You're welcome.  


Maggie and I have been refueling at Starbucks this week. I get an iced Americano; she gets a vanilla bean frappuccino.  I am loving having her home for the summer. Our son is in an all-day sports camp, so Maggs and I just hit the town, do chores, go to Jazzercise and ballet together, take Sandy on walks and generally meander through our days.  


I don't normally like the heavy scents of lotions and soaps at Bath and Body Works, but this whole line was really pulling me in. I had to think consciously to myself: you have lotions and soaps at home still unused, Amy. Step away.  


This was another solid wine that didn't necessarily shock me with its goodness but I will definitely buy again. It's what I expect of a cab and is a solid 7.5/10.  


For Maggie's birthday, we got an assortment of ice cream. I chose this, thinking gelato is a bit healthier. Hahahaha. This has something like 300+ calories per 1/2 cup serving, and don't think for a minute I ate a 1/2 cup serving. This was hands-down the best gelato I've ever had, except the gelato they serve in Paris near the Notre Dame. That's pretty good, too. But I was amazed at how rich and delux this gelato was. Get some if you can find it. I should probably knock off gelato eating and snacking as I've gained weight lately and also found out that the body analysis machine I used to calculate my body fat at 17% is inaccurate. I know. I was feeling pretty badass there for a while. 

Here are a few links from around the web pulling at my attention this week:

Tokyo has an iconic coffee? I could totally drink coffee from a martini glass. And, perhaps more exciting, Lonely Planet has a Global Coffee Tour

A Canadian boy called 911 (twice) because his parents served him a dodgy salad. Hahahaha. 

Also, if my 21-year-old son came home drunk and left me a 1-star review of my fridge, he'd probably be apartment-hunting the next day. 

The biggest health crisis you've never heard of, according to The New York Times. I saw this a lot as a Peace Corps volunteer.  

This article in The Atlantic on a new study regarding the origins of alcoholism is fascinating. 

That's it for me. We've got friends coming in for a night and a weekend up on us, not a whole lot planned, which is just how I like it. Sandy is asleep by my side; our son is at camp, and Maggie and I plan to hit up Starbucks mid-morning before cleaning the house. Good times. 

Happy Friday!

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